How it works


Top Lead Generators

Are Now Accessible

If you have ever paid for leads or seen Ads all over the internet and thought "Gee, I wish I could hire whoever made this ad"

Well, Now you can.

  • Do you Verify The Lead Generators

    Verified & Reviewed

    Each Lead Generator that joins is vetted and researched and checked out. We make sure they actually know Lead Generation and have a good reputation. their Reviews will be a good indicator of how others have experienced working with them

  • What if it Doesn't Work Out

    Safe & Secure

    When a Lead Generator Joins, we hold their first few transactions in an escrow. If any issues arise, then we refund the customer and ban the Lead Generator. This never happens, but better safe than sorry. Same as Ebay or Amazon - they have people who offer something, but they provide safe and secure shopping

  • Can I hire them directly


    We take 50% of each transaction from the Lead Generator. The reason is, we know after your first transaction, you will hire them directly. We are totally ok with that. We have the fee because we pay to promote their services and run this website


Monetize Your Skills

Manage Your Profitable Account

If you are a Lead Generator for a Company or Freelance. You may be leaving money on the table

  • Meet New Customers

    We Run Ads

    We run ads to promote our site and find you customers. When you post a Service or Digital Download, we promote it for you. We take 50% of each sale.

  • Long Term Clients

    We are Matchmakers

    We know when you work with a new client, they will have direct contact with you. That is ok with us. We are here to introduce you to new clients. We know you will move them over to your own sales system and they won't always purchase through us.

  • Protection

    Chargebacks Sucks

    We know traditionally, in Lead Generation, clients will have you provide Leads and then file a Chargeback. We protect you. Any transaction up to $300 is protected by us. 

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